The World's Heaven of Amtabha Buddha

Pure world of Amitabha Buddha

Namo Amitabha Buddha



Chapter 1: The mysterious man.

- Before birth, who are you?

The clouds in the sky, where it came from?

- Oh! It comes from a place far away, I don’t know!

   Millions of people in the crowd said so.

And I said:

- It came because it.

The fate of each person differently, but all the same because people in this world to live and complete the debt of love, money, favor debt, or vows to repay those mortal enemies.

Complete all of the debt on this earth, the human soul will go to where they do not know. They will go to heaven or hell, they have no choice.

Someone thought to this issue.

I asked the crowd:

- Do you want to go to Heaven or hell?

Road to Heaven is easy and hell is also easy.


There is a beautiful young girl to ask me:

- But where is heaven and hell?

- Heaven is the abode of the soul lasting happiness, and in hell where the souls of the terrible suffering long.

- I want to Heaven, so, can I do now!

- Hear me say ...

- Yes, and I also want to know about the world of heaven, a heaven with the greatest happiness of heaven.

- Now I will reveal the secrets of the world of heaven.



Chapter 2: The World of Heaven

The young girl began to listen to me talk about the future and fate, a dream of everyone in the world would want to.

Young girl standing in the crowd, millions of curious eyes looking at me, millions of hearts beating faster as never their hearts beating fast as now, they're all watching me nervous and listen to me talk.

- Are you ready!

- All of us are ready

- So, everyone please look into the sky, far away ...

Everyone began to look to the sky and then I said:

- If in this life, you live with a peace of mind and

you often help disadvantaged people, you are the savior overcome many difficulties in life, you often go charity rescue those who are in trouble, all noble deeds, it's the greatest tickets for you easily to Heaven, above that, the owner of the Heaven and the people in there, they are waiting for you to live it. because you are the pride of their Heaven.

    I also added that not only is a Heaven, Heaven is a lot different heights heavens and every living and enjoying their happiness differently. The heavens are the paradise of the universe, where there are billions of heavenly happiness. The God of the Christians, he is living in a heaven somewhere in Heaven billions in the universe. The bodhisattva in Buddhism, they also live in a very high heaven in a heaven somewhere in Heaven billions in the universe, there is typically a Buddha of the future, he is Maitreya Bodhisattva , he is living in the Tushita heavens.

If in your life, you live with a closed mind, selfishness, greed, you do not help people overcome difficulties around, in contrast, use tricks and conspiracy to harm people.

You kill someone, you kill so many animals it is like to live, you go instilling suffering and loss for others, your business fraud, or harm your opponent to defame someone that you hate, or you use words to harm others. You do not donate to charity, all your actions are the real cause, the king of hell forces you to his world. In hell, you are living in misery, suffering and frequent long horrible things, you can not endure forever.

Then, if you are in hell, you want to be free, I just tell you a big secret, it's a magic spell to help you get the hell out, you have a lucky chance to go up heaven, a heaven of happiness in the heaven, a place outside the universe. Where there is a special heaven. Do you want to know the magic spell!

Everyone in the crowd happy, shouting, cheering and asked me to tell her magic spell. Because that is what they all have in life and their fate when the boundary between heaven and hell are very close to them, they are about to face, to Heaven or to Hell! happiness or misery! Only with a magic spell, you will change all life and your destiny in this world. I do not let millions of people in the crowd had to wait a long time and I finally started to reveal that magic mantra, I say:

- “Namo Amitabha Buddha - I pray to be born in the pure world of you”.

The mantra you say it 10 times with your sincerity. When you say it enough mantra 10 times, Amitabha Buddha, gentle face with bodhisattva in the pure world of the Buddha will appear with brilliant yellow light as the sun billions morning to you, you are very happy with the great moments, Amitabha Buddha smiling, his light to your body, a large lotus flower suddenly appears at your feet and bring you to the Buddha Amitabha, you go after the Buddha, after 2 seconds, you go to the pure world of Buddha, life of eternal happiness.

You do not know about after you to Heaven or Hell, but the best way now to make sure you have a ticket to Heaven live happily ever after, every morning, you look to the west, where the world pure Land of Amida Buddha, you say this mantra 10 times and you pray Amitabha, in life, sincerity when you think about him, you will see Amitabha Buddhas appear in your dreams.

If in your life you have trouble, you should call the name of the Buddha, you call: "Namo Amitabha Buddha, I pray that you help me", all your troubles suddenly disappear, the sewing luck will come to you, the great heart of Buddha Amitabha is unconditional, he was always listening to the cries of everyone and of all living beings on earth, and over all the planet in the universe, by his magical world in outer space, he knew all the past, present and future of all the people, all living beings in the universe.



Chapter 3: Pure world of Amitabha Buddha, a heavenly world greatest happiness of heaven

A gray-haired old man, he was very interested and excited when I talk to the world of heaven Amitabha Buddha, he came to me and said with emotion:

- You tell me specifically about the world of heaven Amitabha Buddha, I want to go to his world. Please! 

- Well, how old are you?

- I was 80 years old

- Everyone who lives on this earth and will like you, will be born, live and die, how many people collect things in life and then went away empty-handed, the dust returns to dust, but it is worth fear most is that they do not know they will go to Heaven or hell. If they're lucky, they would to Heaven, but if they are not lucky because of their sins, they will go to hell. The best way for you and for everyone on earth, you call the name of Amitabha Buddha, you pray when you live a life this end, the Buddha to the world and helps you go to his heavenly .

- I think so.

- Now I will tell you and everyone about the world of heaven, pure world of Amitabha Buddha.

- I and everyone is waiting for you to say ...

He and millions of people in the crowd, they're looking at me and listening to my voice.

And finally, I said:

- Sakyamuni Buddha is a Buddha of this earth, he was using the magic of a Buddha, going through countless world in the universe, he went to Heaven World of Amitabha Buddha , a heavenly happiness in heaven, this world is suitable for everyone who lives suffering on earth, and he's finally decided to talk about the pure world of Amitabha Buddha for everyone knows about the wonderful world with a desire to save all mankind for thousands of years later, everyone's been to Heaven of Amitabha Buddha, no return path of suffering, life eternal happiness.

Where is the world of heaven Amitabha Buddha? From here, passing ten thousand of billion of Buddhalands to the West there is a world called Utmost Happiness. In this land a Buddha called Amitabha right now teaches the dharma. Why is this land called Utmost Happiness? All living beings of this country never suffer, but enjoy every bliss. Therefore it is called Utmost Happiness. Everyone in this world, their bodies throughout, with halo bright yellow, their home is the large lotus, the lotus lives in the lake water contains eight wonders merit, sweet water, shiny, aromatic warm, clean and transparent water reservoir is a panacea, who drinks this water magically achieve their souls entirely pure, bright healthy body brilliant, all sins are destroyed clean. at the bottom of lakes, sand gold or crystal.                                                      

In the lake there are many lotus flowers, it has thousands of beautiful wings have many different colors, blue with light blue, light red with red, white with white light, yellow light yellow, fragrant lotus. People living in the world of heaven here, they want to eat and drink as they suddenly appeared in front of them, ending meal, the natural foods beverages disappear, they want to have a beautiful house, it magically appear, they want to have the fragrant flower garden, it would appear, what they dream about things that will appear in front of them, they live very happy, they do not have to worry about eating, money, materials, vehicles because they will all appear like magic if they want to. This Earth, we live in rich and poor, with no luck so naturally, we have to worry about everything, fighting with each other to grab pieces of food, beverages, money silver, clothes, cars, houses, land, life on earth we live with so much suffering and fatigue.

People living in Heaven World of Amitabha, they always think about the good, virtuous, they do not think evil, they live in Buddhism as the Bodhisattva has great heart of mercy all people in the universe. They live very happy and cultivate daily soul in Buddhism with the teachings of the Buddha Amitabha, he helps them live better.

In the world of heaven Amitabha Buddha pure gold surface is shiny. On the ground there are many palaces with gold, lapis lazuli, agate, crystal, all of them beautiful, seven-storey palace balcony, it is shining brightly. On space and hovering above the clouds there are many bright yellow palace. The parrots birds, peacocks, birds with two heads, flamingos ..., all of them flying in the sky, they sing very well, the melodic sounds wonderful,  they are singing the name of Amitabha Buddha, the people in the world of heaven Amitabha Buddha, they saw birds flying the sky, the sound of birds singing, listening, emotions and then they sing about name of Buddha , they think about Amitabha Buddha. On the streets paved with gold bricks, crystal, agate. Along the way there are many wonderful trees,  stems and twigs crystal, jade leaves are light throughout, with seven floors of tree leaves, they are intertwined, there are many fruit on tree as such exotic jars of God Sakka, who looked into the middle of this fruit will be seen everywhere in the universe.

In the sky, there are many bright transparent grid, on which there are many small particles treasures, they like the dew sparkling light. There are a pipa, zither, flute ... they fly in the clouds, all of which emits melodious sounds miraculous.

In six time here, everywhere in the world Heaven Amitabha Buddha, many flower mandala with soft lighting, warm fragrance. Day and night, the flowers and petals from the sky they hit the ground, the people living in the world of heaven here, they are happy, they run around in the flower bed on the road. They used the towel to catch the fragrant flowers falling from the sky and then they bring the flowers fragrant offerings to Buddha in the ten world. In moments they return their world and delicious meal.

People living in the world of heaven, they live with the greatest happiness, they heard Amitabha Buddha preached in the great hall, the sounds nurturing soul happy people live, they live forever until they become like a Buddha Amitabha.

Why was his name Amitabha Buddha?

Because he's got countless bright halo, shining in all the ten directions of the universe and outer space.

Amitabha Buddha and his people live longer infinite, so his name is Amitabha Buddha.

All pure world of Amitabha Buddha is created by after accumulating great merit over countless lives, finally achieved buddhahood and is still residing in his land of Sukhāvatī, whose many virtues and joys. Before, he was a bodhisattva named Dharma, he made a lot of good help for all sentient beings from suffering, they have peace, joy. Buddha went everywhere to save all beings of misery, he did bring them to the world his heaven, so they lived happily and cultivate soul to become a Buddha as he did.



Chapter 4: 6 basic magic of those who live in Heaven World of Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha Buddha has many magical spells sublime endless, but his people - they can use six basic magical spells as:

Magic no.1: Magical eyes, the eyes can see through time, seeing all the creatures in the universe and outer space.

Magic no.2: Celestial Hearing, magic ears can hear all the sounds of all beings in the universe and outer space, and knows all languages

Magic no.3: Know all human beings, and knowing they are thinking something

Magic no.4: Know all past, present and future of all life in the universe and outer space.

Magic no.5: body flying in the sky, invisible, hidden, turned to small or big, their bodies turn into millions, billions, their bodies are everywhere inside and outside the space to help all beings from suffering.

Magic no.6: selfless soul, pure as a bodhisattva, a Buddha of the future.

The addition of 6 basic magic, people living in the world of Amitabha Budda, they have so many other magical mysteries to serve missions help all beings in the universe and out of universe .



Chapter 5: Amitabha Buddha - A great soul

Amitabha Buddha, he was willing to help, accept all creatures and all born into the world was his heaven. If someone calls his name, you pray to him, Amitabha Buddha will appear to help you escape from suffering and difficulties, he observed everywhere in the universe and outer space to listen  to cries or someone was calling his name. Two Bodhisattva: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta, two great bodhisattva, they usually next to Amitabha Buddha's help all creatures out of suffering, born in the world Amitabha Buddha.

In the 48 vows, vows 18th, it has become the compassionate boat, rescue all beings floating sinking sea boundless suffering.

vows 18th: “When I become a Buddha, all beings and people everywhere, if someone sincerely believe me, you want to live in my world, you call my name ten times, if not born in my world, I did not become a Buddha”.

You remember the daily Amitabha's name,  think about the shape and merit of the Buddha. When you start to think to remember Amitabha, he will start thinking about you, two souls become sincere harmony.



Chapter 6: A thousand wings lotus flower halo appears in Heaven's Amitabha, lotus flower that is yours.

When you begin to pray to Heaven of Amitabha Buddha, the magical lake in his heaven, suddenly appeared a huge lotus with thousand petals light halos, outer lotus petals carved them with your name and address, When to the large lotus blooms, the Amitabha Buddha will come and help you live in his heaven, on the lotus of magical, you life eternal happiness.



Chapter 7: Amitabha Buddha knows all the past, present and your future.

Amitabha Buddha know before birth, who you are, where you come from, he knows all the past, present and your future, when you live on this earth, he knows all your sins, the best way to ensure you an opportunity to Heaven, every day you called his name (Namo Amitabha Buddha), you should think and remember about Buddha, Amitabha Buddha always remember you and helps you luck in life.



Chapter 8: The final teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni


Before him into Nirvana, Shakyamuni Buddha said to all:

 "Hey you!

The greed, love,… is the cause of all suffering in the world. Life is impermanent, changing.

You should not be greedy and immersed in anything in this world, you need to cultivate to become selfless soul, non-ego, you will find true happiness and eternal".



Chapter 9: Do do you want to go to heaven or hell?


When I finished the story, I ask the millions of people in the crowd:

- Now! Do you want to go to heaven or hell?

The crowd happily and excitedly replied:

- We all want to go to heaven.

- Allright, so make sure you go to heaven at the end of a life, you should call the name of Amitabha Buddha (Namo Amitabha Buddha), you should pray, Buddha will help you in a better life . Each day, you should think and remember about him, Amitabha Budda, he always remember and thinking about you, he wishes you to his heaven, you get to live happily forever.

Because Amida Buddha has a great soul, his heart always expanding to welcome everyone to live with eternal happiness in the world of heaven.