The Power Of A Magic Mantra To Change Your Destiny



If someone reads this magic mantra to 5 times or 21 times, the mantra will bring luck to your life, all your dangerous diseases will rapidly disappear (Cancer, Disease AIDS, Leukemia, Autism, Migraine, Stress, ...), this magic mantra to help you succeed and overcome all difficulties in life, a mantra to help you get to heaven, a mantra when you need, a mantra the world's largest. A Mantra to change your destiny. Do you want to know this mantra?




Chapter 1: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva - A great soul


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva - A great soul, he wants all people and all beings on earth to live happily and peacefully.

therefore, he has revealed this mantra with a boundless power and greatest.


If anyone reading this mantra regularly, they will be peaceful and happy. This mantra help for who believe in it, no doubt. If in doubt, the small sins will not be eliminated. 5 times a day to read this mantra will eliminate the heavy sins of thousands of lives, then they have the protection of all people and gods around. When they die, this mantra will help them get to heaven of Buddha Amitabha, Buddha's name if they call, they pray, they want to go to heaven of Amitabha Buddha, they call: "Namo Amitabha Buddha" in 10 times, Amitabha Buddha listen and help them to his happiness heaven.




Chapter 2: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said about the power of this mantra


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said: “If someone reading this mantra, they will not go to hell and reincarnation rebirth in suffering, if they go to hell and suffer when they met in the cycle of rebirth, I will not become a Buddha. Read this mantra, if they were not born in the happy realms of Buddha lands, I will not become a Buddha. Read and keep this mantra, if they do not have the wisdom and eloquence, I will not become a Buddha. Read and keep this mantra, all their wishes will be successful in the present, ... But evil things, evil and harm others, this will not success for them, because it is evil, this mantra is the messenger of goodness, of Buddha, this mantra helps people overcome all difficulties in life. If someone read this mantra in doubt and they are not sincere, this mantra will not be successful for them, it will fail. You should not doubt, believe in the power of this mantra. Read and keep this mantra, all your sins will eliminate clean, you will go to heaven of Amitabha Buddha,…".




Chapter 3: This Mantra and Shakyamuni Buddha.


Shakyamuni Buddha advises everyone:

“If anyone reading this mantra, all their diseases will disappear, read this mantra in dry dead tree, it will live again.


Who read this mantra, they are messengers of the Buddha, because they read this mantra to save all people freed from all difficulties and sufferings in life ... If someone wishes something or have dreamed what they should be vegetarians, clean bath and read this mantra for 21 days, the best thing to come to them, ... "




Chapter 4: Start reading the following mantra:


The Great Compassionate Mantra


1. Namo Ratnatrayaya

2. nama Arya

3. Avalokitesvaraya

4. Bodhisattvaya

5. mahasatvaya

6. mahakarunikaya

7. Om!

8. Sarva rabhaya

9. sudhanadasye

10. Nama skrtva, imam Arya

11. Avalokitesvara, radhava,

12. namo Narakindi.

13. Hrih! Mahavadhasame,

14. sarva athadu subhum

15. ajeyam.

16. Sarva satya nama, vasatya namo vaka,

17. Marga datuh.

18. Tadyatha:

19. Om! Avaloki

20. lokate

21. karate,

22. E! Hrih!

23. Mahabodhisattva.

24. Sarva sarva,

25. mala mala,

26. mahima hrdayam,

27. Kuru kuru karmu,

28. dhuru dhuru vijayate

29. mahavijayate,

30. dhara dhara

31. Dhirini

32. svaraya,

33. cala cala,

34. mama vimala

35. muktele,

36. ehi ehi,

37. sina sina,

38. arasam pracali

39. visa visam

40. prasaya.

41. Huru! huru! mara!

42. Hulu! Hulu! Hrih!

43. Sara! Sara!

44. Siri! siri!

45. Suru! suru!

46. Bodhiya bodhiya,

47. Bodhaya bodhaya.

48. Maitriya

49. Narakindi!

50. Dharsinina

51. bhayamana

52. Svaha!

53. Siddhaya

54. Svaha!

55. Mahasiddhaya

56. Svaha!

57. Siddhayoge

58. svaraya

59. Svaha!

60. Narakindi

61. Svaha!

62. Maranara

63. Svaha!

64. Sira samha mukhaya

65. Svaha!

66. Sarva maha asiddhaya

67. Svaha!

68. Cakra asiddhaya

69. Svaha!

70. Padma hastaya

71. Svaha!

72. Narakindi vagalaya

73. Svaha!

74. Mavari Sankharaya

75. Svaha!

76. Namah Ratnatrayaya,

77. namo Arya

78. valokite

79. svaraya

80. Svaha!

81. Om! Siddhyantu

82. mantra

83. padaya

84. Svaha!



You read 5 times or 21 times this mantra, you pray that you wanted, you should read with sincerity, and believe in the power of mantra, this mantra will help you succeed.